Tennis Players Are Cute, Look Like One In Polo Ralph Lauren


So, the scoring system for tennis is a little weird and I’m not always sure what the judge’s hand signals mean, but I do know that tennis plays get the best sports attire by far. Polos and tiny shorts? Yes, please.

Polo Ralph Lauren is making it easy for you to get the look. The brand is the official apparel sponsor of the U.S. Open (because Polo Ralph Lauren wasn’t preppy enough already) and the 2011 U.S. Open Collection is out now.

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Photos courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren

The usual Polo Ralph Lauren gets some graphic punch with diagonal stripes and the (inexplicably) cooler Big Pony. The classic navy is on trend for Summer 2011 with neon orange and green accents. You can buy the polo or polo dress (so Margot Tenenbaum-chic) at the Ralph Lauren website, or if you’re in the area, there is a U.S. Open Polo Ralph Lauren shop at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center that stocks even more products.

No chance of a fault with that.

Photo of Nadal: Zeng Yi/SIPA

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