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Watch Real Teens Try to Decipher Slang Words From ‘Clueless’

Watch Real Teens Try to Decipher Slang Words From ‘Clueless’

Hopefully you’re not too sick of hearing about “Clueless”—which recently turned 20 years old—because we’ve come up with what we think to be the best way to honor the seminal ’90s classic: Seeing if it resonates as much with 2015 teens as it did with us.

We corralled a bunch of real high school students for a “cool video project” but didn’t tell them it was. Once they arrived, we asked them if they’d seen the movie, a question which was met with mixed responses such as “nope” to “omigod, I love that movie!”

Love it you may, but do you get it?

When “Clueless” hit theaters in 1995, it’s not an exaggeration to say it changed the teenage lexicon in a big way. Phrases like “As if” and descriptors like “Monet” and “Betty” weren’t only quirky pieces of on-screen dialogue, but it became part of the real dialogue, uttered by ’90s kids (and, often, their present-day adult selves.)

It’s safe to say nothing highlights a generation gap faster than asking the social media set to describe slang from 20 years ago, so watch the video above now. You might feel old, but you’ll definitely laugh.

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