Teen Vogue Handbook- Does it Include Starring on Reality TV?


Somehow, we don’t think being a reality TV star came as a pointer in the Teen Vogue’s Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to a Career in Fashion.

But perhaps Teen Vogue was slightly jealous of big sister Vogue and all of the publicity surrounding The September Issue. Wanting to return to the spotlight, Teen Vogue will once again gain a TV presence, having released a statement that they are developing a new show to fill the on-air void that was left when they ended their partnership with The Hills. The magazine’s editor, Amy Astley, wouldn’t reveal any more details, but did dangle that juicy bit of information to FIT students on Monday, also stressing that she doesn’t “want to be a media personality.”

The show will have a lot of fashion-based reality shows to compete with, but we trust Teen Vogue to stand out.