Teen Choice Awards Fashion Round-Up – Who’s High, Who’s Low And Who Hit Rock Bottom

Kerry Pieri
Teen Choice Awards Fashion Round-Up – Who’s High, Who’s Low And Who Hit Rock Bottom
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In the spirit of full disclosure, the Teen Choice Awards are not exactly my thing. I’m also pretty sure that the celeb attendees who aren’t stars of a Disney episodic are only there because their publicists forced them so they can stay current with their target audience and hope teens and tweens everywhere continue to dig them (because that’s where the dollars are yo). So basically I don’t know who went home with surf boards (I actually just learned that the award comes in obnoxious surf board form), and I couldn’t tell you if Katy Perry did a stellar job hosting or if Taylor Lautner was officially elected king of the jail bait set, but let’s get on to what I do care about the red blue carpet fashion.

Find out who had the style highs, lows and rock bottom looks of the evening in the slide show above, and let us know your take in the comments below!

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Leighton Meester
High: Thank god this girl is over her red carpet rebellion stage (not all runway looks are meant for the light of day, Leighton). This white Emilio Pucci is stunning, her legs look fantastic and those shoes are ah-mazing.
Low: Nada, love it all.
Rock Bottom? I can't find a flaw, and flawless girls sometimes annoy me.

Ashley Greene
High: Lady's hair looks good and I dig that sheer panel at the bottom of the dress.
Low: This is more Junior prom meets borefest than fun, young vampiress.
Rock Bottom? Not quite, it's passable at the very least.

Emma Roberts
The fit of this dress is stellar and the color works for a youth-centric event in which winners are chosen by a discerning group of barely legals.
Low: Those black leather booties are an unfortunate choice; something lighter would have saved her.
Rock Bottom? Not really, but we'd recommend not dyeing your hair black moments before walking the red carpet (see aforementioned vampiress associations.)

Kimberly Wyatt
High: Um, still trying to find something positive.
Low: We are all for a flattering jumpsuit, however, this is not one of them. It's wrinkled, the embroidery wouldn't even be allowed on my curtains and that neck ruffle scares me.
Rock Bottom? Pretty much. Two words – bedazzled booties.

The Kardashians:
High: Khloe's plunging nude blouse – it's flattering and the color against a black skirt is lovely.
Low: Kourtney's faux beauty queen sash made of rhinestones tied with Kim's genie-inspired pony.
Rock Bottom? I'm not going to lie, it's a lot of body-con for one family, but have you seen the infomercials? These ladies are willing to pop pills for those curves and can pull off a little fitted.

Kristen Bell
High: That Stella McCartney fits beautifully and I'm loving the racy red and sheer overlay.
Low: That's what my hair looks like after the gym.
Rock Bottom? Nah, even though When in Rome ruined my last movie night, the voice of Gossip Girl looks just lovely.

Lucy Hale
High: Overall, the dress is pretty, and if you've ever seen Pretty Little Liars, you know those girls have some kind of patent on perfect wavy locks.
Low: The accessories. That belt looks like it came with a pair of my grandpa's pants, I'm over those spur/spike heel things and a silver cuff would have been preferable over those beach bracelets.
Rock Bottom? This Mila Kunis look-alike is still learning, and the fact is Lucy's look could have been saved with some minor tweaks.

Selena Gomez
High: Everything. I may have made a wry comment about Disney teen queens, but Gomez looks stellar in white. The draping of that dress is gorgeous and the shoes are making my head hurt because I want them.
Low: I'm not totally obsessed with that clutch, but it's not completely heinous either.
Rock Bottom? Not even close. Apparently Selena won the Choice Red Carpet icon award last night and the girl is working for it.

Mark Salling
High: This Gleek has unstudied bad boy chic down.
Low: I could have lived without the belt since he's already rocking a tie and vest, but really, who's looking at his belt?
Rock Bottom? Nope, cute boys get a pass on bad shoes, sorry for the double standard!

Lea Michele
High: This Naeem Khan fits like a dream, and lets anyone who didn't already know that Lea has a rockin' bod.
Low: The look is maybe a teeny touch mature for the Glee chanteuse.
Rock Bottom? A simple no will suffice.

Joshua Jackson
High: Joshua Jackson is a welcome dose of man candy in a sea of pretty ladies.
Low: Those jeans make me fear for his ability to produce offspring.
Rock Bottom? No, he's still dreamy.

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