Taylor Swift Spotted with Tom Hiddleston on a Romantic Rhode Island Adventure

Taylor Swift really isn’t wasting any time moving on from Calvin Harris. Though his M.O. since their split two short weeks ago has been mostly posting topless selfies to Snapchat and Instagram, Tay has been spotted on the rocky cliffs of famous romantic getaway Rhode Island with Tom Hiddleston. If you fell asleep between reading “Tom” and “Hiddleston,” don’t worry, totally understandable: It happens all the time.

According to the Daily Mail, “Tom wasted no time in asking Taylor out after he learned she was single,” a source said. “They were texting quite a bit, and he asked her out.” The photos of the pair were snapped on the Misquamicut beach near her eight-bedroom, 11,000-square-foot mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, according to The Sun.

Looks like Harris isn’t taking this latest development terribly well. Not only did he delete all of his photos with Swift on Instagram, he tweeted—then deleted—a very pissy tweet earlier today: “Oh boy it’s about to go down 💀💀💀.” Sorry, Harris, not cute. Yes, it’s never a good idea to take a romantic ocean-gazing outing two weeks after a breakup when you’re a famous person, but revenge tweets look good on no one.

Hiddleston and Swift go way back, like all the way to the Met Gala in May, where they had a dance-off, which you can watch below, along with about a thousand staged paparazzi pics of the two cuddling on the rocky shore. Please note especially the part where Tay and Tom took turns resting their heads on each other’s shoulders. Classic rebound strategy, Tay. Your move, Calvin.