Taylor Swift Threw Her Used Tissue into the Crowd at a Concert & the Video Is Low-Key Gross

Taylor Swift
Photo: Kevin Mazur/TAS18/Getty Images.

Taylor Swift is known to have a close relationship with her fans, from inviting them to her house for secret listening sessions to sending them personalized presents around the holidays. And though some might draw a line at throwing a used tissue into a crowd of fans at a concert (snot included), Taylor Swift is not that person.

At concert in Auckland, New Zealand on Thursday, the 28-year-old singer was feeling a little under the weather after weeks of performing in the rain, including that night. So, like any normal person, she reached for a tissue to blow her nose. “This isn’t our first rain show,” Swift told the crowd. “So, I’m not saying that I’m getting colds because we’re constantly playing in the rain, but I’m not not saying that I’m always getting colds because we’re playing in the rain. But it’s worth it because it’s so fun, right?”

After turning away for a second to blow her nose, it dawned on Swift that she didn’t have any trash cans around her. And, of course, with thousands of fans in the audience, she couldn’t simply walk off stage to throw her issue away. So threw it into the front row—sort of like what other singers do with a sweaty towel. “I’m so sorry about this. Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” she said as she tossed her snot-covered tissue into the crowd.

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As unsanitary as the moment was, it didn’t look like Swifties minded. After the video spread around the Swiftie Central on Twitter, several fans retweeted it, wishing they were the lucky one to grab the I Did Something Bad singer’s tissue. “I wish I could get that tissue! 😭😭” one fan tweeted.

However, not everyone was so skeptical. One fan, who might’ve attended the Auckland concert, said that Swift threw the tissue to security—not her fans, which makes it sort of better but it’s still somewhat gross.

Either way, regardless of what happened, a used Taylor Swift tissue is out there somewhere, so Swifties get on that.

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