Calvin Harris Would Like Taylor Swift to Stop Trying to ‘Bury’ Him, Please



That song that’s been stuck in your head for the past two months? Calvin Harris’ “This Is What You Came For”? Yeah, turns out Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics. The credits list a Nils Sjoberg, but her rep confirmed to People today that the name was a pseudonym.

Cool! Except, um, why bring it up now? Well, according to Harris, the move was specifically orchestrated by Tay’s team to “tear [him] down for something to do”—yikes. The Scottish DJ responded to the story on Twitter in a series of tweets calling his ex-girlfriend out for orchestrating take-downs out of what sounds like sheer boredom and Regina George-style power tripping.

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The gist of his argument? Taylor has plenty of great things in her life right now—including one very public, absurdly fairy-tale-esque romance—so why bother trying to humiliate her ex? Hmmm…

And a beautiful day to you too, Calvin.

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