Taylor Swift Had A Complete Meltdown Over A Banana It’s Hilarious & Thoroughly Entertaining

Taylor Swift.
Photo: Shutterstock.

The Lover songstress recently underwent laser eye surgery, and it resulted in some fantastic content.  Taylor Swift’s surgery and banana video involved her sobbing and freaking out. Fortunately, Swift’s mom, Angela, had the foresight to film Swift’s post-surgery behavior, and we couldn’t be happier. Phones are gift for one reason and one reason only—catching these rare moments. (OK tbh they’re great for other reasons, but this has to be the most entertaining, amiright?). Swift’s meltdown is making the rounds thanks to Jimmy Fallon. The “Lover” singer made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon yesterday and had literally ~no idea~ the host was about to share this video with all of his viewers.

Shortly after the singer sat down to chat with Fallon, he informed her that he got his hands on the video and was going to share it with the millions of people watching. Swift was shocked and seemed embarrassed, but she understood it was futile to protest. The footage was better than we could’ve imagined. In the video, Swift can be seen freaking out after pulling the wrong banana off of a bunch.  Luckily, her mom comes to her rescue, saying she’ll eat the banana that Swift doesn’t want. (What else are moms for?) Swift seemed very concerned about abandoning that wrong banana, asking what would happen to it, because it “doesn’t have a head.”

In a another shot, the Grammy-winning singer is snuggled up in bed, happily enjoying the ~correct~ banana. Her mom cautions her to stay awake while eating her snack—she doesn’t want her to fall asleep while chewing. Swift hilariously responds, with mumbled words, “I’m not asleep. My mind is alive.” The crowd (and Jimmy) went wild for Swift’s post-surgery antics. Truly special video. Take a look:

Fallon stood up after the video aired as Swift looked on shocked. “Don’t be mad at me,” the comedian pleaded. But Swift wasn’t mad, she was just stunned. “Oh my God,” she said. “That’s on television.” It is, Taylor. Forever.