A Complete Guide to Taylor Swift’s (Very Famous) 1989 Tour Squad

Cady Lang

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This year, Taylor Swift has been on a quest to acquire as many celeb BFFs as possible, and as loathe as we are to admit it, the girl is actually doing the damn thing. Not only is she the most popular girl in the free world, but Swift is also kind enough to document all her burgeoning and truly genuine friendships with a seemingly endless stream of Instagram pics.

First, Swift infiltrated the ranks of model It-girls (no doubt with the help of bestie Karlie Kloss), but then she set her sights on other friend demographics—running the gamut from the US Women’s soccer team, fresh off their Women’s World Cup win, to rapper Fetty Wap. Cara DelevingneKobe Bryant! Ellen DeGeneres! Russell Wilson and Ciara! Lisa Kudrow singing “Smelly Cat”! Taylor Swift can’t stop, won’t stop until she has celeb bestie world domination.

Swift recently played her last show in LA, and will be moving on to more continents—and probably (definitely) more celeb friends—as her “1989” tour continues. But before that happens, let’s reflect on the roster so far and admire the ambition and breadth of the Taylor Swift Friend Industrial Complex. After all, it’s not every girl that can collect so many best friends and document it so fastidiously on the ‘gram.


Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid = Taylor Swift Squad OGs.


The worlds of SVU and fashion collided when Mariska Hargitay and Cara Delevingne took the stage with Swift in Philly.


It was model mania in London, as every Insta-model from Kendall Jenner to Karlie Kloss joined Taylor in merry old England. Serena Williams was the dazzling exception.


The Weeknd added some serious heat to Swiftie’s stage with his guest appearance.


If you win the World Cup, you can join Taylor Swift’s squad and be on stage with her.


Hailey Steinfeld, Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid and Lena Dunham want you to know that they really, really love Taylor. Like really, really.


Even the Jo Bros love them some Taylor Swift.


ICYMI, Taylor Swift has sooooo many best friends. Shoutout to Uzo Aduba for being the only non-model in the stage squad and still rocking it.


Lorde took a break from being #TeenGothGoals to casually hang out on stage with Taylor Swift.


Jason Derulo wants in on the #SquadGoals.


Andreja Pejic and Lily Donaldson showed their support for Tay in Chicago.


Russell Wilson and Ciara are the first official couple of the Taylor Swift squad.


How much do you want to bet that Taylor Swift still has no idea what “cooking pies” means?


Fifth Harmony joined Taylor Swift in Santa Clara for the ultimate tween girl fest.


Joan Baez? Julia Roberts? How does Taylor Swift even make this happen?


Kobe Bryant. Because why not?


Mary J. Blige and a fan.


Taylor Swift will not be stopped. She convinced Joey (a.k.a. Matt LeBlanc), Chris Rock, and the really hot guy from her “Blank Space” video that they need to join her squad.


Et tu, Ellen DeGeneres?


Natalie Maines is not ready to make nice, but she is ready to be a part of Taylor’s gang.


Alanis Morissette. Okay, we’re actually a little jealous that she’s not our BFF.


But like, where is Chrissy Teigen, though?


Hi, Selena Gomez! Happy to see you made the cut for #SquadGoals.


JT brought sexy back on the 1989 tour.

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Even Phoebe made an appearance with Taylor Swift.