Taylor Swift Shaded Kim Kardashian by Calling Their Snapchat Anniversary Her ‘Favorite Day’

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift celebrated the two-year anniversary of Kim Kardashian accusing her of lying about Kanye West’s 2016 song, “Famous,” with not one, but two snake-themed tributes. The first happened earlier in the day when the 28-year-old singer wore a subtle snake-themed outfit (consisting of a faux-snakeskin backpack and a jungle-print romper), but the real message came later when Swift let the world know that she was reclaiming the animal used to torment her in one of the lowest moments of her life.

On Tuesday (a.k.a. the two-year anniversary of Kardashian’s now-infamous Snapchat on July 17, 2016), Swift performed in Cleveland, Ohio as part of her Reputation Stadium Tour. In the middle of her performance of “Look What You Made Me Do” (which some fans suspect to be about Kardashian and West), Swift took a few seconds to celebrate the anniversary, which many have dubbed National Snake Day. “Happy National Snake Day! My favorite day of the year,” Swift said as several giant cobras slithered behind her.

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As many know, snakes are a symbol for the current era of Swift’s career. The animal was introduced in 2016 when Kardashian’s fans flooded Swift’s Instagram with snake emojis, accusing her of lying about West and his song. Swift stayed out of the spotlight for months before she released her sixth album, Reputation, in late 2017, with the snake as its symbol. The animal was used in Swift’s merchandise, on her stage, as an decoration for her microphone and in numerous music videos as ways for her reclaim the animal.

Taylor Swift

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Given Kardashian’s silence on Wednesday, it seems like only Swift was celebrating the day. No word yet on whether her National Snake Day declaration was the right move, but there’s no denying that she is working hard to flip the narrative in her favor.