Taylor Swift Might Be Shading Kanye West in Her New Nude Music Video

Taylor Swift Might Be Shading Kanye West in Her New Nude Music Video
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Taylor Swift is ready for it—and by “it,” she might mean her ongoing feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. On Monday, the 27-year-old singer teased a clip from the upcoming music video for her song, “…Ready For It.” And while the 15-second Instagram snippet featured plenty to talk about, including a super-intense galactic storyline, the main point of discussion has been a scene in which Swift appears full-on nude.

In the scene, a damp-haired Swift stands in the middle of an abandoned warehouse as her “naked” body is in full view. Of course, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer isn’t actually nude. She’s portraying a robot and dressed in a super-realistic nude bodysuit (aside from the futuristic light-up trim.) Still, the naked image is a huge shift from Swift’s traditionally squeaky-clean persona.

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But aside from shock factor, the pop star’s naked outfit might hold a deeper, Kanye West-related meaning. If you don’t recall, in June 2016, West made headlines when he called Swift a “bitch” and claimed to have made her “famous” in his song, “Famous.” Shortly after, the rapper dropped the music video for “Famous,” in which he slept next to a dozen naked celebrity wax figures in bed—one of which was Swift.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the rapper explained that the wax figures symbolized inauthenticity in Hollywood and how some celebrities are playing the public with metaphorical “prosthetic wizardry.” The song and video were the catalyst to Swift and West’s feud, as well as Kardashian’s infamous Snapchat exposé in which she framed Swift as a liar. Swift claimed to not have known about the derogatory lyrics, while West maintained that he previewed the song for her ahead of its release.

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Given all this drama, it seems fitting that Swift would reclaim her body in her own music video by featuring a naked version of herself. Though we don’t know the context of Swift’s naked figure (the full video drops Thursday night, October 26), we can guess that Swift’s choice to disrobe is a response to West stripping her down (via wax, but still) without her consent. Likewise, Swift’s robotic character might also be commentary on the fake and snake-like persona West and Kardashian have thrust upon her.

So far, the Twittersphere has picked up on the similarity, too. Given that West’s music video was largely deemed as “art,” a majority of users are calling out the negative reaction to Swift’s going nude on her own terms as sexist.

And though all this speculation is based on a 15-second clip, if the current buzz is any indication, there will be plenty more juicy nuggets to mine when Swift’s full video drops later this week.

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