Taylor Swift Running Sideways Is the Strangest Thing You’ll See All Week

Given all the Kimye drama over the past couple of weeks, Taylor Swift has been receiving a lot of media attention lately—and none of it’s particularly complimentary. So you can absolutely understand then why the “Blank Space” singer would want to avoid paparazzi at all costs right now, especially when she’s just just ducking into the gym for a workout. We know all of this and yet, new video footage of Swift steering clear or photographers by running sideways to her car is still the weirdest, funniest thing we’ve seen all day. You have to watch it.

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After reportedly leaving her favorite gym, Body By Simone, Swift bolted to the big-ass black SUV waiting for her in the parking lot. But, in an attempt to hide her face, she did a bizarre side shuffle/crab walk kind of hybrid, and the footage is going viral. Although while yes, it’s totally strange, Tay’s method obviously worked because the only thing paps managed to score were snaps of the back of her head—and this viral video footage, of course.

Watch the clip for yourself above—we have to admit, moving like that has to take some level of skill.

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