Taylor Swift Explained The Timeline Of ‘London Boy’ & Phew, It All Makes Sense Now

Kim Wong-Shing
Taylor Swift
Photo: Shutterstock.

Taylor Swift’s new song “London Boy” had a lot of fans very confused. It’s about visiting all of her favorite places in London, and she lists way too many places to visit in one day. Like, how? But Taylor Swift revealed the “London Boy” meaning and timeline in a new quote and it explains everything. Honestly, her explanation is so simple, it’s a little embarrassing that anyone was ever confused.

“London Boy” was probably inspired by Taylor’s current beau, Joe Alwyn. The first chorus of the song from Taylor’s new album goes a little something like this: “You know I love a London boy / I enjoy walking Camden Market in the afternoon / He likes my American smile / Like a child when our eyes meet, darling, I fancy you / Took me back to Highgate, met all of his best mates / So I guess all the rumors are true / You know I love a London boy / Boy, I fancy you (ooh).”

Note that this chorus lists two destinations in London: Camden Market (which is in Northwest London) and Highgate (in North London). In the rest of the song, she goes on to shout out a bunch of other London destinations that are literally all over the map. She names Brixton (South London), Shoreditch (East London), Hackney (East London), Bond Street and Soho (both West End).

Phew. This is an itinerary that only a superhero with flying powers could possibly complete in a day. London is a huge place! The song had people perplexed, especially Londoners. But then Taylor clarified that, um, nobody said all of this happened in just one day.

“This is supposed to happen over the space of three years,” Taylor said in a recent interview with BBC. “Somebody told me, ‘They think you’re talking about one day,’ and I was like, ‘Oh no, you’d never make it. You wouldn’t make it. You’d make it in three years!’”

Oh! Okay! Well then. Everybody can calm down now.