Taylor Swift’s Neighbors Slam Her for Drawing Paparazzi, Fans to Their Homes

Taylor Swift’s Neighbors Slam Her for Drawing Paparazzi, Fans to Their Homes
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Don’t expect Taylor Swift‘s new neighbors to be invited to her housewarming party. After news broke that the 28-year-old singer bought a third multi-million-dollar property in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, her new neighbors took to the streets to try to drive her out.

According to the New York Post, Swift’s neighbors-to-be are irate that the singer—who owns a $9.75 million apartment, a $20 million penthouse, and an $18 million townhouse—is expanding her real estate. Several neighbors slammed Swift for drawing “swarms” of paparazzi and fans to the neighborhood, which they claimed was quiet before the singer moved in.

“We don’t need celebrities here that will draw the focus [of] the paparazzi or extra fan attention,” one neighbor told the New York Post. “[There’s already a] small swarm of teenage girls lurking and swooning outside [Swift’s home regularly]. Yes, we have celebrities living here—[but] we like not having conspicuous celebrities here. That’s why we live in Tribeca. Because the flashier famous people are clustered [in neighborhoods] like the West Village.”

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To voice their frustrations, several neighbors have put up fliers on lamp posts with the text, “TAYLOR SWIFT CAN GO FUCK HERSELF,” in an effort to oust the Grammy winner. One neighbor, who commented on the Tribeca Citizen, claimed that Swift’s bodyguard won’t let anyone stand in an elevator with her, causing major traffic.

“There’s one elevator and if she’s coming or going, [her] bodyguards won’t let anyone get in. They’ll hold the elevator on the top floor for 30 [minutes] waiting for her,” the neighbor wrote.

Several neighbors also worry that Swift will jam the streets if she begins construction on any of her properties. One neighbor heard rumors that Swift will use her recently bought townhouse, which is located on 155 Franklin St., for parking. “Franklin Street has a history of being an apocalypse of construction,” one source said. “When even one lane is blocked off, it can cause chaos.”

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Despite the anger directed at Swift, a source close to the singer claims that she isn’t a bad tenant. What is a problem though are the masses of fans and paparazzi who perpetually linger outside.

“It’s not that she’s a bad neighbor—but the [paparazzi loitering outside] really is a problem,” the source told the New York Post.

Looks like Swift won’t be met with a very warm homecoming when she moves in. Luckily she has all that space to entertain herself because it doesn’t sound like she’s going to be invited into any of her neighbors’ homes anytime soon.