There’s a Theory About Taylor Swift’s Next Album & TBH, It’s Pretty Believable

Taylor Swift
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS.

There’s a theory about Taylor Swift’s new album, and it has everything to do with her recent mermaid costume. Fans are sure that the mermaid costume that the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer wore to her New Year’s Eve 2018 celebration is a clue to her next album, and to be honest, it’s pretty convincing.

As Swifties know, the 29-year-old spent her last day of 2018 with about a dozen of her celebrity friends, including Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The theme of Swift’s New Year’s Eve party was “Childhood Heroes,” which encouraged her guests to dress as the fictional and real-life role models they looked up to as kids. (Hadid dressed as Mary Poppins, while Lively dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz).

Here’s where the fan theory comes in: For the bash, Swift dressed as Ariel from Disney’s 1989 animation, The Little Mermaid. Her costume was complete with a red wig, a crab in her hair and a mermaid-like dress with fish scales. But did it also include a clue about her new album? As first reported by Hollywood Life, fans are convinced that Swift’s next album will be themed after mermaids—and it’s not only because of her New Year’s Eve costume.

Along with dressing as Ariel for her New Year’s Eve bash, Swift also ended her Reputation Stadium Tour documentary for Netflix—which was coincidentally released on New Year’s Eve—in a mermaid shirt. “Why would she be in the end credits of #RepTourNetflix in a mermaid shirt,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “End the rep era literally dressed as a mermaid for the next chapter. It’s Taylor Swift, she plans this shit waaaaay in advance.”

But that’s not all. Fans pointed out that Swift also wore a jacket with a mermaid patch in the booklet for her 2017 album, Reputation. Could she be planning her next album at the release of her last? We’re not sure. But Swift is no stranger to using symbols for her albums’ eras. For Reputation, it was snake. Could TS7 be mermaids? Or could she be hinting that she has a part in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, starring Zendaya?

There are so many theories. But at this point, they’re just that: theories. For all we know, Swift could just like mermaids. But there’s also a chance that she has a plan. After all, this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about.