Found: This Is What Taylor Swift Has Been Up To

Found: This Is What Taylor Swift Has Been Up To
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Taylor Swift has gone missing. We haven’t seen any pics of her in what feels like ages. But don’t worry: According to a source, Swift has just “been busy working on her upcoming album,” ET reports. She’s been missing her regularly scheduled Body by Simone workouts in New York because she’s been hiding out in Nashville, spending some time close to home. “She comes here to get away from the paparazzi,” a source told ET. So—if you have been missing Swift, go ahead and keep pining. But don’t worry about her.

Then again, this source could have easily been Swift’s PR rep, and Swift could be doing any number of things that do not include laying low in Nashville. Really, it’s hard to even speculate—the world is large, and Swift could be anywhere. But her pal Ed Sheeran did tell BBC News that Swift is at work on new music, so there is that. ”Taylor isn’t going to be releasing until probably the end of this year—Christmas is the smartest time to release because that’s when everyone buys records,” he said.

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Swift was last seen performing in Houston a couple of months ago. She posted five pics of the DirecTV Now Super Saturday Night pre-Super Bowl concert, announced that this would be her only show this year, and disappeared into the night. “By coming to this show tonight, you are attending 100 percent of this year’s tour dates,” she said at the show.

So—what do you think? Is Swift really working on a new album, or is there more to the story? Stay tuned.

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