Kenzo Shades Taylor Swift Amid Accusations That She Copied Their Perfume Ad

Taylor Swift
Photo: Getty Images

After Taylor Swift won Female Artist of the Year this past weekend at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, she debuted the new music video for her song “Delicate,” off her most recent album, Reputation

Although Swift has been keeping a low profile, due in large part to her actual reputation, the music video has shot her back into the spotlight. The video has over 18 million views, 1.1 million likes, and over 100,000 comments on Vevo. However, it’s the accusations that the video is a replica of Kenzo’s 2016 fragrance ad, directed by Spike Jonze, that has it circulating the internet at top speed. (And now, fashion house might’ve responded with shade.) 

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The Kenzo advertisement for their “World” fragrance came out in 2016 featuring classically trained ballet dancer, Margaret Qualley. But it wasn’t shown and forgotten. Rather, the now legendary ad caused waves for making a parody out of standard fragrance ads and bringing something new to the table.

Now two years later, viewers are trouncing Swift for having the same color scheme, concept, and dancing as Kenzo. We have to admit, the premise of both videos are eerily similar: an unhappy woman in an aristocratic or high-profile life breaks out, dances wildly, and finds peace in herself at the end. 

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It’s no secret that artists use past productions for inspiration or even replicating, so Swift and her crew could have just been inspired by Jonze’s production. Yet, there’s no mention of inspiration and too many coincidences to pass off—except for the minor yet important fact that Swift dances barefoot while Qualley does the whole thing in heels.

According to Page Six, once the video was released, a “top fashion PR pro who’s worked with Kenzo playfully posted, ‘Listen Tay, I feel you. It’s hard to stay fresh. Call us, we can help.'” And although the post has since been removed, it’s clear Swift’s blatant disregard of fellow artists’ work didn’t sit well with people at the top.

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Swift’s carelessness for other people (like throwing Kanye under the bus during the “Famous” scandal) leads us to think she’s willing to use other people—and their art—for her gain. But who knows? She could come out saying Kenzo has been in on it all along and they’re planning a revival of the “World” fragrance ads.

Take a look for yourself at the video below and let us know what you think.