The Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift ‘Lover’ Music Video Will Make Your Heart Tingle

Julia Teti
Taylor Swift
Photo: YouTube.

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We have to admire these fans for digging deep into a music video. Taylor Swift’s “Lover” music video has easter egg clues galore, and fans are taking social media by storm with their findings. The pop star is known for stringing references throughout the visual companions to her songs and “Lover” is no different.

Swift dropped the music video yesterday evening, and fans have since taken it upon themselves to flesh out any clue, reference, and wink at the audience. The music itself is an explosion of romantic visuals. As Swift and Christian Owens – who plays her boyfriend in the music video – move through different rooms of an extravagant house inside a snow globe. Yes, you heard that right. The camera literally swoops the audience through the glass of the snow globe right into the foyer of the house, with white lights strung around Swift and Owens as a steady drum begins the song.

Every room looks like it has its own theme, with bold colors and decor strewn around as the couple dances, chases each other upstairs, and play games. It’s all pretty adorable and visually intense, but that hasn’t stopped fans from taking a major deep dive into this snow globe to unpack everything – and we mean every little detail.

First, there was one fan who is certain that the board game titles are actually lyrics:

Did you catch the phone? It’s practically the same landline used in “Our Song.”

Then there’s this absolutely wild theory:

You want flashbacks? Taylor has it covered.

Some major aesthetic moves:

There’s also a priceless throwback moment for devoted Swift fans.

Even a subtle throwback to the lyrics of “New Year’s Day.”

Then the cake from the “You Need to Calm Down” music video has a cameo:

This one, well we just don’t have words:

We also have this theory, which Taylor confirmed on Tumblr:

And then we have, well, this one.

Swift’s fans are extremely dedicated, so its no surprise they spotted what we couldn’t see.

Are you loving Lover?