Fans Are Convinced that This College Student Is Taylor Swift’s Doppelgänger

Fans Are Convinced that This College Student Is Taylor Swift’s Doppelgänger
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Another day, another celebrity look-alike. This time, Taylor Swift is in the hot seat. Laura Cadman, a college student from Newcastle, England, is going viral for how much she looks like the 27-year-old singer. Cadman apparently looks so similar to Swift that she’s fooled legions of fans at one of the singer’s concerts. And, after scrolling to the bottom of her Instagram feed (for journalistic purposes, of course), we can totally see why.

Though Cadman has been getting comparisons to Swift her entire life, it wasn’t until her high school prom that the comments really took off. For the dance, Cadman, who considers herself an ultimate Swiftie, wore a poofy blue dress similar to the gown Swift wore in her “Our Song” music video.

“I picked my dress because it kind of resembled her blue dress from her ‘Our Song’ music video. Then after that, I just got comments more often,” Cadman told The Sun. “I guess it’s because I was looking more grown up.”

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Since prom, Cadman has continued to cosplay as Swift with bright red lipstick, a choppy blonde bob, and statement pieces that Swift wore on-stage or on the red carpet. However, she admits that a lot of her Swift-like appearance comes down to her naturally similar body type. “Nothing prompted me to have this look. I am naturally blonde, reasonably tall and reasonably slim,” she said.

However, not everyone is a fan of the look. A couple years ago, at Swift’s 1989 concert in Manchester, England, Cadman dressed up as the singer. Immediately, she was mobbed by fans who presumed she was the “Look What You Made Me Do” hitmaker. And though Cadman called a majority of the fan encounters “cute,” one Swiftie wasn’t pleased by her trickery. Cadman said a fan who she had taken a picture with later messaged her on Instagram, accusing her of “tricking people.”

“She said she hated me because she thought I was Taylor then heard me talk and realized I wasn’t her,” she said. “She said that I shouldn’t do that because it was tricking people, but this confused me because everyone at the concert was dressed up as Tay. It’s what people do at her concerts.”

And though Cadman has got a lot of Instagram attention from her Swift-esque looks, not all of it has been good. The student admits she’s faced her trolls, as well as people who secretly take pictures of her without her consent.

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“I get a mixture of reactions; I’ve also had people take photos of me without my permission, which is unnerving,” she said. “”My mum gets bored of cashiers pointing it out because it happens all the time. She says she wants people to see me for me and appreciate that I’m pretty because I’m me, not because I look like Taylor.”

Still, Cadman hopes her internet fame will lead her to meet her idol one day. “I’m a big fan and can’t wait for her next album,” she said. “I really hope I can meet her someday and tell her how much her music has helped me.”

Take a look at Cadman’s most Swift-like selfies below, and decide for yourself on her look-alike potential.