Taylor Swift Just Savagely Shaded Katy Perry with a ‘Mean Girls’ Fan Selfie

Taylor Swift Just Savagely Shaded Katy Perry with a ‘Mean Girls’ Fan Selfie
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Nothing is a coincidence with Taylor Swift, especially when it comes to subtle references to her many celebrity feuds. As you might know, the 27-year-old singer has been spending the past couple weeks inviting fans to secret listening parties across the world in preparation for the release of her sixth album, Reputation.

And though the goings-on of these gatherings are kept under slight lock and key (Swift made fans promise not to disclose who the baby voice in her new song, “Gorgeous,” is), there are some details that will inevitably fall through the cracks and wind up on the internet. One of those juicy nuggets happens to be Swift and a fan posed in the exact same position as Rachel McAdams’s and Lindsay Lohan‘s characters from “Mean Girls.”

The photo, which was taken at a recent listening party, shows Swift and a fan arranged in a pose mimicking the 2004 film’s movie poster. Swift, resembling McAdams’s character, Regina George, can be seen whispering into the fan’s ear, as she looks deviously into the camera. The fan is meant to play Lohan’s character, Cady Heron, a high school student who is mercilessly manipulated and bullied by George.

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From a glance, the photo might seem like a cute reimagining of “Mean Girls,” however, like we said, nothing with Swift is a coincidence. If you might recall, in 2014, Katy Perry referenced “Mean Girls” in a savage subtweet directed at Swift. “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…,” she tweeted. The tweet was in response to a Rolling Stone interview with Swift, in which she claimed that Perry tried to “sabotage” her tour by stealing her crew of backup dancers.

Given the history, the fan photo seems to be a three-year-late response to Perry’s viral “Regina George” tweet. Considering that Swift is the one posing as the film’s venomous queen bee, the singer seems to be satirically admitting to Perry’s allegation that she is secretly a Regina George.

So far, the response has earned mixed reactions from internet users. Some fans praised Swift for her subtle shade, while others deemed her move as “childish,” considering Perry publicly apologized to Swift for the feud in June, saying she’s ready to “let it go.”

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This isn’t the first time fans have suspected Swift of shading Perry’s “Regina George” reference either. When the singer dropped her recent single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” the song included a lyric about underlining a list of names in red. Fans took the lyric as a reference to a scene in “Mean Girls,” in which George writes and underlines the names of people she loathes in bright red marker. The song also featured a sample of the band Peaches’s song, “Operate,” which was played in another “Mean Girls” scene.

However, to be fair, Swift could also be a huge fan of “Mean Girls” (who isn’t?) and her references could just be a nod to her love for the movie. Though, given her track record, we’re more inclined to believe that she’s an admirable shady mastermind.