Here’s Why Fans Think Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Are Feuding Hardcore

Here’s Why Fans Think Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Are Feuding Hardcore
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Back in the day, Karlie Kloss was Taylor Swift’s right-hand woman. She was next in line for the throne of Swift’s supermodel squad, she battled more-than-friends rumors because of how close their relationship was, and 90 percent of her paparazzi candids were taken outside Swift’s New York City apartment. For a time, the two defined #BFFgoals, but lately,  their girls’ nights outs have dwindled and so have their Instagram cameos.

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While we’re still investigating the case of Kloss and Swift’s mysterious fallout, a breakthrough piece of evidence came through yesterday that suggests that the one-time power duo are indeed over—and it all has to do with who else, but the Kardashians.

If you’ve been out of the Taylor Swift gossip circle in the past year, let us refresh your memory. Last summer, Swift likely cut ties with the Kardashian-Jenner family after Kim Kardashian shared a Snapchat framing the singer as a liar. Naturally, this meant that Kendall Jenner, who was one of Swift’s special guests on her 1989 World Tour, would be nixed from her supermodel squad.

Flash forward to this week when Swifties were waiting with bated breath for the pop star’s anticipated star-studded Fourth of July bash. Well, they came up empty-handed as the party was a no-show and so was Kloss. In fact, instead of spending Independence Day with Swift at some beach off the side of Maine, the supermodel was actually at Paris Fashion Week with none other but exiled squad member, Kendall. (Shady much?)

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Not only was Kloss with Kendall, but the pair were also hanging with Swift squad member, Cara Delevingne, who happened to snap a cute Instagram selfie of Kloss and Kendall hanging by the Eiffel Tower.

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With Kloss seemingly trying to build a supermodel squad of her own, the Internet rightfully went wild with questions if Kloss jumped ship to anti-Swift.

Like all of Swift’s fizzled-through relationships, we’ll likely never know if Kaylor is officially over nor the reason behind it. All we can do is bask in the shade. Put away your sunglasses people because Karlie might’ve just thrown a lot of shade.