Taylor Swift Skipped the VMAs Because of Jury Duty in Tennessee

Taylor Swift Skipped the VMAs Because of Jury Duty in Tennessee
Photo: Wenn

Last night, when Taylor Swift was absent from the VMAs, where she usually holds court, we just figured she wasn’t in the mood. Who can blame her? First her nemesis Kanye West got onstage while that pesky “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” line blasted from the speakers; then her ex Calvin Harris got the best male video award for a song that Swift wrote, and he didn’t bother to thank her. Rude. Would you want to attend such an event? Hell to the no.

But she had a weirdly convenient excuse to ditch the VMAs, as it turns out—one that makes us question the very fabric of civic duty. Because she was picked for jury duty in Tennessee, miles and miles away from the hubbub in NYC last night. Hmm.

How is it possible, you may ask, that Swift’s service to the word of justice comes bright and early the Monday morning after the VMAs? Yeah, we’re wondering the same thing. Seems a bit too well-timed. If you want to have a look at the whole thing, though, a fellow juror was only too happy to tweet out some photos and a video of Tay being Tay while “waiting for voir dire.” As New York mag pointed out, we’re pretty sure you’re not supposed to tweet out pix of fellow jurors, so this jury might already be doomed, but—enjoy the photos.


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