Taylor Swift Isn’t Platinum Blonde Anymore

Taylor Swift

RIP platinum hair. (Wenn)

The desire to change your hair dramatically after a breakup is not a foreign one to me, and it’s easy to understand why Taylor Swift might want to completely shake up her look after splitting from Calvin Harris and finding comfort in the arms of Tom Hiddleston. And today she has debuted a different hair color—however the “Shake It Off” singer’s literally dialed things back a shade or two, returning to the darker blonde she’s rocked for years.

You will remember Swift originally surprised us by going platinum for a Vogue cover just ahead of Coachella, sparkling the hashtag #bleachella. Then yesterday while greeting some mega-fans at the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, she debuted the slightly less ashy color. She’s definitely not platinum anymore, but her hair’s still short and blonde. Here’s her new ’do:

%name Taylor Swift Isnt Platinum Blonde Anymore


And again from the side:

%name Taylor Swift Isnt Platinum Blonde Anymore


So, it’s hardly a life-altering hair change from Swift but probably way easier to maintain, as anyone who’s struggled with platinum hair will tell you.

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