Taylor Swift Has a Goth Twin and It’ll Leave You Shook

Taylor Swift Has a Goth Twin and It’ll Leave You Shook
Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift has a lot of enemies—Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Kanye West—but perhaps no one comes closer to the 27-year-old’s arch nemesis (aka evil twin) than this goth look-alike blowing up the Internet. Yup. It’s Swift’s turn to join the ranks of squad member Gigi Hadid and boast her own celebrity doppelganger—and once you see the resemblance, you’ll be fully convinced the singer has a long-lost twin.

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While we’re no stranger to coming across celebrity lookalikes, Swift’s twin—an Instagram makeup artist—is definitely the closest we’ve ever seen. April Gloria, a cosplayer and Internet beauty guru, is catching the attention of Swifties everywhere for her spookily similar looks to the country singer-turned-pop star.

The most notable of Gloria’s Swift-esque similarities are her tousled blonde bob, red lipstick-suited lips, and her narrow piercing blue eyes—all traits that have become iconic to Swift’s look over the years.

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But don’t think just because they look the same that Swift and Gloria are carbon copies of each other. While Swift has that good-girl-next-door thing going for her, Gloria’s a bit more edgy. Along with her affinity for band tees and super dark eyeliner, Gloria also recently ditched Swift-like blonde for vibrant purple locks. (And even then, you couldn’t fool us that she wasn’t at least a smidge related to Swift.)

Though, of course, there’s also another theory. While Swift’s been majorly out of the spotlight for the past year, it’s plausible she could’ve spent that time moonlighting as an Instagram makeup artist. We mean, considering how much they look like, we’ve heard more surprising things.