The Insane Reason Fans Are Certain that Taylor Swift Is Engaged

The Insane Reason Fans Are Certain that Taylor Swift Is Engaged
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We’re two days away from the drop of Taylor Swift‘s sixth album, Reputation, but the rumor mill shows no signs of stopping. This time, word has it that the 27-year-old singer is engaged to her rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. And while most tabloid talk is based on anonymous “sources,” this rumor is coming straight from Swift—sort of.

On Tuesday, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer unveiled the track list for Reputation, consisting of 15 banger-worthy songs guaranteed to get stuck in your head. And though the list seemed like a random amalgam of phrases and words to most, to eagle-eyed Swifties, there was one song title that was a definite clue that Swift is engaged.

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The song in question is titled “New Year’s Day.” While nothing in the title itself points to Swift’s engagement (though there are also rumors that Swift and Harry Styles broke up around New Year’s 2012), fans are confident that “New Year’s Day” will also serve as Swift’s engagement announcement. Other than the fresh-start feel of the title, “New Year’s Day” is also known in the Swiftie community as the song that made “everyone cry” at the singer’s Secret Sessions, where she played her entire album in private for long-time fans.

This fact, coupled with descriptions from attendees that the track sounds like a wedding song, is leading fans to believe that Swift is off the market for good. Fans are also pointing to a lyric in Swift’s already-released song, “…Ready for It?” In the track, Swift sings that “every lover known in comparison is a failure,” which is also sparking rumors that Swift is done looking for love. Some of the most excited fan responses included:

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Obviously, Swift’s engagement is entirely based on the speculation of fans. There hasn’t been an official announcement, and, judging from the secrecy of her relationships, there might never be. Though, if hard-core Swifties are right, we’ll find out about Swift’s marital status soon enough when her album drops Friday.