The Latest Celebrity Conspiracy Theory Involves Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift’s Hair

Rachel Krause
Getty Images

Getty Images

Every move sweet down-home country gal-turned-possible Illuminati ringleader Taylor Swift makes is a conspiracy theory waiting to happen—even a seemingly innocuous hair tweak. Swift, who’s been flying under the radar for the past few weeks after finding herself on the wrong side of a Kimye feud, was seen on the streets of NYC and at a party in the Hamptons over the weekend with her hair in the sassy spiral curls of her twang-filled youth.

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The implication of this change in hairstyle, according to the internet, is that Swift is signaling to her fans that she’ll soon be returning to her country roots with a new album that hearkens to the “Mean” days of yore. She does have a history of being awfully calculating, so it’s not out of line to suggest that what seems like a happenstance styling choice by the woman who changes her wardrobe with each new boyfriend is some kind of sign. Either way, fans are insisting the look is purposeful:

Only time, or perhaps Tom Hiddleston‘s brand new Instagram account, will tell.