Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s Vacation Photos Aren’t Staged at All

Taylor Swift definitely gets an A in vacation. I appreciate the frequency with which she posts pics with her famous posse on beaches, on yachts, in gorgeous apartments cooking group dinners with a gaggle of supermodels (more of a staycation, but still). I’d do the same exact thing if I were one of the most famous people on the planet. Her latest photo series, though, which documented a one-year-anniversary getaway with boyfriend Calvin Harris, is kind of unintentionally hilarious, and dare we say, a teeny-tiny bit cliché. (“Instagram spam,” as a colleague referred to it.)

The pair—who faced break-up rumors recently—went to town proving their love to the world with kissing shots, “sexy” poses, sand writing, and other declarations of love. Harris also documented the fun in the sun on his Snapchat, and posted Kim Kardashian–style bikini shots of his lady to Instagram.

Also, not to be a total downer, but who’s taking some of these photos? A photographer? A friend? A random beach-goer? Take a look:








Totally natural!