Ah, Memories: The Best Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Pics on Instagram

Yesterday, it was announced that Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Calvin Harris had split. It’s a sad, if expected, ending to the 15-month-old relationship. After all, Taylor seemed happy, at least in the April issue of Vogue — where all relationship truths live — when she called their union “magical.” But we all know magic is mere illusion (or do we?), and the relationship is publicly over. Let’s take a look back at where it lived — Instagram.

Last summer, the two sailed around London with Karlie Kloss and Zayn Malik because that’s how they do (or did).

This one gets high marks for adorableness. Taylor posted it last year over the Fourth of July weekend and added the caption “Friendly relations between Scotland and America” in a shout-out to the Scottish DJ and producer.

The two even spent the holidays together, along with Swift’s family and a snowman in Vail, Colorado.

And, most recently, Taylor posted this pic while the two celebrated their one-year anniversary in the Caribbean.