Taylor Swift’s Bodyguard Is a Tom Hiddleston Look-Alike & We Can’t Unsee

Taylor Swift
Photo: Jun Sato/TAS18/Getty Images.

Hiddleswift was short-lived but a memorable era in Taylor Swift’s dating history. The singer and Tom Hiddleston dated for a couple months in the summer of 2016 before ending their romance—months before Swift started dating her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Still, Hiddleswift remains alive in the 28-year-old’s music, memes … and her bodyguard?

As reported by HollywoodLife, fans believe that the “Delicate” singer’s current bodyguard is a dead-ringer for Hiddleston. The comparisons came on Wednesday when Swift, Alwyn and her bodyguard were photographed in New York as they were leaving their SUV and heading into her apartment. The pictures show Alwyn and Swift hidden by a tall man with thick, pushed-back hair similar to her British ex-boyfriend.

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To be fair, Swift’s bodyguard might’ve only looked like Hiddleston from that angle. Plus, as a white man, Hiddleston doesn’t exactly have the most unique look. Still, the Hiddleston comparison comes at an interesting time, considering many fans believe that Swift’s song, “King of My Heart,” references her Marvel ex-boyfriend.

The song talks about how Swift’s boyfriend at the time (which many believe to be Alwyn) is better than her exes because of his low-key lifestyle. ‘Cause all the boys and their expensive cars/With their Range Rovers and their Jaguars/Never took me quite where you do,” Swift sings.

It was later confirmed by fans that Hiddleston drove a Jaguar, while Swift’s other ex, Calvin Harris, drove a range rover. Many believe the lyric to be a dig at Swift’s more famous exes and a love letter to Alwyn.

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Swift’s bodyguard might resemble Hiddleston, but Hiddleswift is long gone. It’s all about Joe and Taylor right now.