Taylor Swift’s Neighbors Catch Her Singing ‘Baby One More Time’—and There’s Audio

If you’ve had any thoughts over the last 48 hours about Taylor Swift and her annual Fourth of July bash being little more than a well-choreographed photo shoot, we would not blame you. The squad is too big, the photos too frequent, and the ever-present, ever-well-placed American flags are just too, too much. It’s enough to make us wonder if inside her big Rhode Island beach house, everyone goes to their respective rooms while Taylor totals the group’s social media likes for the day. But a new Snapchat from a neighbor (for lack of a better term) just might prove us wrong.

In it, the singer is overheard belting Britney Spears’ breakout hit “Baby One More Time.” It’s not the greatest audio, but it is discernibly Swift if you listen closely.

There’s another Snapchat of her singing the same song — only this time it’s allegedly with Ed Sheeran.

Which makes sense, because Taylor posted an Instagram of the two playing together yesterday with the caption “Just like old times.”