Taylor Swift Dances Like a Maniac to the Darkness in New Apple Music Commercial

taylor swift apple music the darkness


Taylor Swift has many talents—dancing, unfortunately, is not one of them. I’m not being mean, just stating facts. Even Swift herself has admitted that throwing herself around like a madwoman in the audience of award shows “doesn’t look cool,” and she fully embraced her lack of rhythm in last year’s supremely awkward but sort of charming “Shake It Off” video. But now, the queen bee (not to be confused with Queen Bey—calm down, ’hive) is making her flailing a legitimate side hustle.

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You’ve already seen the Apple Music commercial during which Tay pratfalls off the treadmill while barking lyrics to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman,” and now a new ad is here, showing Taylor lip-synching and busting out dance moves as if her life depended on it to the Darkness’s 2003 glam-rock hit “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” shaking up her “quiet Friday night at home.”

Watch the body-hurling video below, then revisit 13 other times Tay danced and didn’t give AF.

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