Taylor Swift Dumped BFF Selena Gomez Over Justin Bieber: Report

Meghan Blalock

If there’s one single modern-day celebrity who finds himself in uncomfortable situation after uncomfortable situation, it’s 20-year-old Justin Bieber. Obviously, there’s the whole getting arrested for a DUI thing and sitting very uncooperatively through a long deposition about said arrest; but then there’s more personal matters, like his on-and-off again relationship with 21-year-old Selena Gomez.

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Two notably bizarre videos surfaced yesterday of Bieber and Gomez practicing a dance routine in a studio, which fanned the flames of rumors that they’ve gotten back together after months officially apart. (Other notable incidents include Biebs dedicating a song to Selena at SXSW, and posting pictures of her to his Instagram with the caption “the most elgegant princess.”)

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Well, there’s a third party who is reportedly very unhappy about this reunion: Selena’s so-called BFF, 24-year-old Taylor Swift. She’s been outspoken about how she doesn’t think Bieber is a good influence on her friend, and now that the two are seemingly reconciled, she’s making that opinion all the more clear. According to an anonymous source who spoke to Us Weekly, Taylor has officially ended the friendship over Bieber.

“Swift is disgusted that the pair are back together, cutting off her bestie,” Us Weekly reports.

Ouch. Swift can obviously be friends with whomever she wants—including, but not limited to, Lorde—but totally un-friending a girl because of who she dates is a little rough, no? Then again, there are literally petitions circulating to deport Justin Bieber from the United States, so maybe Taylor’s valid in her feelings.