Taylor Lautner Is Getting Waxed

Spencer Cain

Twilight’s resident werewolf hottie, Taylor Lautner, will be joining his costar Robert Pattinson for a permanent vacation in London. Yes, that’s right. Madame Tussauds will be immortalizing Tay Tay in wax, and the figure is expected to be unveiled in January.

Apparently, Lautner was one of the “most requested personalities in 2011,” which isn’t that surprising. What’s shocking to me is that with his perfectly etched abs and face that seems to be incapable of showing any emotion, I was under the impression that he was wax already. Oh well!

Nonetheless, I’m sure Lautner will make a perfect addition to the museum’s collection — which includes an incredibly random group of celebrities like David Beckham, Amy Winehouse, and the Queen.

Anyway, if you’re a Twihard dying for a photo with Rob and Tay — and a restraining order that prevents you from camping out on the set — steal your mom’s credit card, catch a flight to London and pretend that you’re sandwiched in between the real deal. No one will know the difference!

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