Decor Trend Gone Rogue: NYC Hipsters Embrace Mouse Taxidermy

Deanna Clevesy
Decor Trend Gone Rogue: NYC Hipsters Embrace Mouse Taxidermy
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As a New Yorker I’ve seen my fair share of mice but I’ve never seen them like this. Anthropomorphic taxidermy, the practice of taking the dead body of an animal preserved through taxidermy and displaying it engaged in human activities, is taking NYC by storm. You heard that right! People are making art out of those mice you find creeping behind your refrigerator and what’s more, it’s considered chic.

Anthropomorphic taxidermy became popular in 19th Century Britain with the more prestigious upper class (it was known to be one of Queen Victoria’s favorites) and is making a huge comeback in our very own Brooklyn, NY at Morbid Anatomy, a studio offering classes in the lost art. As the mentioned in a recent article about the trend,“Taxidermy– that revamped, post-millennial decorative signifier of all things homey, historic and hip -is getting a boost from a young set of curious newcomers.”

Not only can taxidermy creations be found all over Etsy, I even spotted a few little chicks that have been subjected to taxidermy on the ever-stylish desk of Taylor Tomasi Hill. What do you think this creates? An “I’m the 1%” sort-of-aesthetic, or more of a kitschy “I’m the 99% mocking the 1%” feeling?

We all know that what is old always becomes new again, but how do you feel about this new interior design trend? I couldn’t help but think of this…

Click through the slideshow above for some pics of this new art form in action and let us know whether or not you’re going to engage in this new interior decorating trend by dropping a line in the comments section below!



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Taylor Tomasi Hill's personal taxidermy collection

Three Blind Taxidermy Mice, courtesy of Etsy

Taxidermy Mouse Cameo Style Necklace, another Etsy find

There are few things in this world creepier than this picture

...Except maybe this

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