The Taxidermist


Say hello to Pamela Love, jewelry designer extraordinaire and collaborator of Marchesa’s upcoming spring collection. Her pieces are bold and vivid, attention-getting and heirloom-worthy. It’s not that skull jewelry hasn’t been done before–it’s the way she executes it. Instead of creating another ubiquitous human skull charm, she took a large bird’s skull and carved a smaller version of it out of wax. Instead of making another cuff bracelet, she created a wicked eagle’s claw that wraps around one’s wrist with the ferocity of the bird itself. Love’s work has a slight twist of the uncommon, a hint of the depraved side of fashion that is hard to resist. Personally, I’m lusting after that eagles claw–it’s something I would wear day in and day out and never, ever tire of.

What’s your favorite piece in this delectable collage?