9 Summer Approved Items To Spend Your Tax Return On

Jessica Rubin

Tax Day is a bit of a mixed bag. For some of us it means that we owe — and we owe big. For others, it means we’ll be receiving a nice tax return in the mail, and while we know we should stick the money in our savings account for a rainy day, summer’s just around the corner and there are some things we just need┬áto have. So while we support and commend those of you mature enough to refrain from running to the mall or engaging in our ultimate vice — online shopping — we’re right there with anyone who’s immediately on the prowl for their next purchase once their wallets are feeling a little plumper.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the numerous possibilities for a tax day treat, we’re here to help. Click through the slideshow above for nine summer-ready items that will go perfectly with a carefree attitude and slightly bronzed skin. Are you planning on splurging on one of these items as your tax day gift? Let us know which in the comments section below!

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