Happy Tax Day! 7 Amazing Deals to Brighten Your Life Today

Meghan Blalock

US Tax Day

Ew, it’s tax day. There’s no way to get around it—if you are a law-abiding citizen of the good ole U.S. of A., then you are quite aware that today is the day all tax returns must be filed. And if you happen to be amongst the particularly unlucky set who still owe the government money, you’ll probably be having to pay out a chunk of change today—or setting up some kind of payment plan by which you can do so.

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Lucky for you, tax day also means a slew of American companies have put together some fun deals to help off-set the pain of paying your taxes—from restaurants like McDonalds and Arby’s to fancy upscale bars like the Esquared Hospitality properties. Read on for seven awesome tax day deals that will help brighten your day!

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1. McDonalds is selling burgers for one cent.
If you buy a Big Mac at McDonalds on tax day, you get a second one for just one cent. Valid at most McDonalds.

2. Arby’s is giving away free curly fries.
All Arby’s restaurants nationwide will offer one order of free curly fries to all customers on tax day. Just print out the coupon before you go to claim your fries.

3. Esquared Hospitality is selling all alcoholic beverages for half off.
Esquared Hospitality, the group that owns all the “BLT” restaurants, as well as GO Burger and Juni locations, will offer any and all alcoholic beverages for 50% off on tax day. That’s wine, beer, and cocktails—all half off. Drink up!

4. Mexican fast food chain California Tortilla will offer free queso.
This is just genius, and so true: the DC-based chain California Tortilla has created the motto “Queso Makes Life Less Taxing.” They are offering free chips and queso with any purchase on tax day—just say “Taxes, Schmaxes” to the cashier when you go to check out.

5. Great American Cookies is giving away cookies.
Perhaps the best deal of all: Great American Cookies will be giving away one free chocolate chip cookie to all customers on tax day. You don’t even need a tax form or a coupon— just show up and claim your cookie. Best day ever!

6. You can sing for a free dinner at Hard Rock Café.
This might just be the most bizarre deal of them all: Hard Rock Cafés across the country will give guests the opportunity to sing in front of the whole restaurant for a chance to win a free dinner. It’s not even really a vocal contest—if you sing, you get a free meal. All you need is guts.

7.There is such a thing as a free lunch at Schlotzky’s.
The sandwich fast food chain is offering a free “The Original” sandwich to any customer who buys a drink and a bag of chips on tax day. No coupon needed.