Tavi Goes Makeup Free For The Confidence Movement

Kerry Pieri

With fashion bloggers becoming the new celebrity, a shift occurred they became an additional source of unreasonable expectations of beauty for a new generation of youth obsessed with their every post, outfit, tumbl and tweet. The Confidence Movement was initiated to combat the rise in negative self esteem amongst teens. In particular its mission is to:

“Increase self-confidence, particularly in youth, in this harsh, media-driven perfection-hungry world.”

Three teens with influential online fashion presences, Tavi Gevinson, Kristin Prim and Mark Indelicato, were asked to photograph themselves sans makeup and professional hair styling to “reveal how, in fact, they are ‘real,’ too.” It shouldn’t be surprising to see this under-18 set without a ton of beauty work, but any step toward counteracting statistics like, “Only 36% of seventh graders say they like the way they look,” per the press release, is a noble one.

More online influencers and bloggers are expected to get involved, as the movement just launched last week. Anything that gets the conversation on advocating for positive self esteem in children is pretty great, even if seeing Tavi without makeup isn’t exactly like catching Madonna before 9AM and a coat of foundation.

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