Tavi Gevinson Admits Turban & Muumuu Regret

Spencer Cain

Before blogger and Style Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson appeared on magazine coversin buttloads of vintage Chanel, she dressed like a combination of a small homeless man in the middle of winter and Nicole Richie during her heaviest drug days (come on, you know what I’m talking about). While many praised Tavi’s approach to fashion, others were annoyed by this little kid who clearly spent far more time playing dress up in front of the mirror than studying for her fifth grade science exams.

Teenage recently interviewed Miss Gevinson, who while still painfully awkward, has come a long way — as in she even admits to cringing over some of the more bizarre outfits she used to sport prior to the “big girl pants” launch of her website this year.

“I remember taking those photos and videos and writing my blog and thinking, wow, these are going to be really embarrassing one day,” she said. “I used to dress weirder and I know that’s why a lot of people liked me, but I also know that people liked that I was honest, even about being insecure.”

That’s one thing about Tavi that I’ve always appreciated — she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she’s always up for a little change and development. That doesn’t mean she’s thrown away the freaky frocks. “I revisit the ‘grandma on ecstasy’ now and then,” she admits. “But it would be harder to get these ideas about feminism out there in a fashion context because then you just become this weirdo who block people out.”

Don’t worry, Tavi. I feel you. There were a few months in high school where I had not one, but two dreadlocks in my hair. But I’ve learned, I’ve moved past it, and I’ve grown past it. We all have our not-so-fresh phases — it’s just all about how you handle them after the fact (no turban required).

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