Treat Yourself, Because Taurus Season Is in Full Swing

Treat Yourself, Because Taurus Season Is in Full Swing
Photo: Haley Longbottom.

Dear Tauruses (and everyone else, too),

You’ve withstood an abundance of bullshit over the last 11 months, and now it’s finally time. Taurus season is in full swing, and will be here until May 21, giving you plenty of time to embrace all the parts of you that are so wonderfully indulgent—and maybe a little bit stubborn, too.

The most indulgent of the earth signs, Tauruses can be sensual yet steadfast. They have a grounded, stable energy, and are sometimes known for being a bit (OK, maybe a lot) stubborn. They know what they want, they know who they are, and they probably aren’t going to change due to external forces. They’re methodical and capable of putting their heads down to get the work done, but they also understand the importance of indulging in life’s pleasures at the end of a hard day (think: 10 hours at the office capped off with a glass of wine in bed).

Coming off the tail of Aries season, which many experience to be quite intense and passionate, Taurus season has given us all a chance to breathe, relax and hold steady—to ground ourselves in the real world and all of its beauty. While all three earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are rooted in the physicality of the world, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, making for an almost hedonistic enjoyment of life’s pleasures. (In case you were wondering: Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility and self-discipline. Taurus is about as dreamy as earth signs get.)

Taurus is about as dreamy as earth signs get.

If you’re the type of person to charge forward at full speed, or to spend a lot of time in your head pondering the future or the past, Taurus season is your time to be here now, quietly, calmly with yourself. It’s springtime, too, which means the earth is giving us even more beauty to enjoy—flowers and trees blooming, warm sun on our skin. During this season, pay attention to your body and its needs, and don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to the things you crave. Order your favorite food to your apartment, delivery, then booty-call someone as well. Let the world come to you while you lounge in bed. It’s what your Taurus friends would want for you.

Another way to utilize some of this lazy, sensual energy during Taurus season is to stay in one evening and have a cozy night at home. (Fire signs, I know this sounds crazy to you, but trust me—it could be wonderful.) Have a close friend or two over and enjoy some wine and cheese and crackers while lounging around the living room with soft blankets, or light a candle and take a hot bath with a glass of wine. (Bonus points if the wine you buy has a pretty label.) Put on your coziest pajamas, bring a cup of tea to bed, and curl up with a Netflix favorite, or a lover, or both.

Taurus season is your time to be here now, quietly, calmly with yourself.

And remember that passion project you started during the intensity of Aries season? Now is a perfect time to deepen your work on that project, commit more fully to it, and perhaps even develop a long-term plan to see things through. If you’ve already abandoned the new thing you picked up last month, fear not—Taurus season encapsulates a quiet sort of resolve that can help you settle back into something that you’ve lost the initial spark for. While Aries season brought the fire that began the project, Taurus season brings you the dedication and resolve to see things through—a perfect celestial pairing to help you accomplish your goals.

You, sweet and grounded Tauruses, are a nice reminder to the rest of us to be here now, to be in and honor our bodies. Obviously, be mindful to not slip into a reckless pattern of hedonism, but you guys are usually good at balance—you’re earth signs, after all. Fire signs could learn from your peacefulness, and air signs from your grounded resolve. You’re steadfast and hardworking yet indulgent, and help remind the rest of us that it’s alright to be still and enjoy. Embrace the quiet luxuries of life, because outgoing and bright Gemini season (and summer!) will soon be here.