Taurus, Your October Horoscope Asks You To Slow Down For Once

Roya Backlund
Taurus, Your October Horoscope Asks You To Slow Down For Once
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October is here and it’s time to get your sh*t together. After all, your Taurus October 2021 horoscope begins with a powerful opportunity to create a better daily routine! On October 6, a new moon will activate your sixth house of work and health, revealing the ways your habits may or may not be serving your best interests. Let this new moon help you think about how you can use your time more effectively, by putting more effort into your day-today goals and nurturing your well-being.

By October 7, the energy surrounding you will become more passionate and intense. This is when Venus will enter your eighth house of intimacy, driving you to choose relationships that are based on true depth rather than superficial dalliances. Your emotional needs may become more highlighted, and by October 9, you might even feel overwhelmed by the demands of your life. As Mercury and Mars join forces, you may realize you’ve been putting too much on your plate, prompting you to learn how to slow down.

Luckily, by October 15, you’ll feel like you’re beginning to get a handle on your work-life balance. As the sun joins forces with Jupiter, it will bring new career opportunities your way, breathing fire into your ambitions and encouraging you to think big! And once Mercury retrograde comes to an end on, it will become easier to get organized and commit to your to-do list.

By October 20, you may feel a stark energy shift. A full moon will rise in your spiritual 12th house, prompting a moment of solitude and reflection. This full moon will encourage you to dig deep within and feel all the emotions you’ve repressed. After all, that’s how healing begins.

On October 23, the spotlight falls on your relationships. This is when Scorpio season will begin and this shift will encourage you to reach out to others and establish new connections. Who knows? You may even feel like taking things to the next level with someone you care about! However, by October 30, added pressure may rock your relationships. As the sun squares off with Saturn, it may be time to get on the same page as your partner.

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