Sorry, Taurus—Your October Horoscope Predicts Some Relationship Problems

Roya Backlund
Sorry, Taurus—Your October Horoscope Predicts Some Relationship Problems
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October begins with the sun in your sixth house of routine and health, making Libra season a time to rethink your priorities and work on creating positive habits. Banish distractions and procrastination, Taurus, and you’ll feel proud of yourself for getting the job done! However, your Taurus October 2020 horoscope isn’t only about work, because on October 1, a full moon will send some psychic power to your 12th house of spirituality. Expect vivid dreams that teach you about your subconscious and make you tune in to your intuition, which contains so many truths.

Don’t worry, you won’t be in dreamland for long, because a new moon in Libra takes place on October 16, pushing you to take action in the real world. This is the perfect time to start a new project and take baby steps towards success. You’ll be surprised by how much it pays off down the line!

However, don’t get too caught up in work this month, Taurus. Remember to have fun and fall in love throughout the process! Venus lights up your fifth house of creativity and pleasure on October 2, driving up your desire for romance and artistic expression. Prepare to get in touch with your inner child while you dabble in make-believe and play around. When Venus enters your selfless sixth house of service, your definition of love will center around doing things for others without expecting anything in return. Own how reliable you are as a friend or partner!

Being empathetic and understanding will serve you well, especially when Mercury retrogrades in your seventh house of partnerships on October 13. This may create a disconnect between you and someone you care about, highlighting problems that need to be addressed. Stay calm and don’t jump to conclusions, Taurus! This confusion may also impact your ability to get things done when Mercury moves back into your sixth house of productivity on October 27. Don’t overthink shaking things up, and remain flexible to bumps in the road. Sometimes, you’ve just got to learn as you go.

The month ends on a high note for you, because a full moon in Taurus takes place on October 31. This could entail a major surprise for you, taking your life in a direction you never would have expected. While things may feel out of your control, give yourself permission to enjoy the ride!


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