HBD, Taurus—Let Your May Horoscope Dictate Your Birthday Month

Roya Backlund
HBD, Taurus—Let Your May Horoscope Dictate Your Birthday Month
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It’s your party and you’ll cry if you want to! Luckily, your Taurus May 2021 horoscope shows no signs of crying on your birthday, because this year’s Taurus season is filled with SO much good luck. However, you may feel an energy shift as the month begins. As of May 8, Mercury and Venus will have both entered your second house of self-esteem. This will encourage you to stay grounded and to appreciate all the wonderful things that you’ve worked so hard for in your life. 

And on May 11, you’ll be inviting even more abundance your way, because this is when the New Moon in Taurus takes place. This new moon will bring you closer to your true self, guiding you toward the person you’re meant to become. Let go of inhibiting perspectives surrounding who you are and what you’re capable of. As of May 13, you may find yourself meeting a bevy of many like-minded people as Jupiter enters your social 11th house. This will inspire you to spearhead community movements that bring everyone together!

By May 17, you may feel drawn to out-of-this-world experiences. As the sun forms a trine with Pluto in your adventurous ninth house, you may feel ready to abandon what’s “safe” in favor of something that challenges your comfort zones and transforms your perspective. Put these fresh perspectives to practical use when Venus will form a trine with Saturn in your ambitious 10th house on May 19, encouraging you to set your sights on your goals and embrace the process of good old-fashioned handwork.

Once Gemini season begins on May 20, you may find your focus drifting over to your finances and your monetary goals. That may sound dull, but when the lunar eclipse takes place on May 26, you may just find that money can rock your world! As this blood moon rushes through your eighth house of shared resources, you may see the results of your investments, both emotional and financial. This makes this lunar eclipse the perfect time to settle any debts.

However, the money matters don’t stop there. When Mercury retrograde begins on May 29, you may find yourself forking over your cash before you’ve really thought your purchases through. Take time to rethink your spending habits and find solace in the possessions you already have.

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