Taurus Season Is Upon Us—If You’re Celebrating, Peep Your Horoscope First

Valerie Mesa
Taurus Season Is Upon Us—If You’re Celebrating, Peep Your Horoscope First
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Cheers to another magical journey around the sun, Taurus! I know it might well feel like current events are putting a damper on your birthday this year, but your Venus-ruled season is still a blessing in disguise. If you’re wondering about your Taurus horoscope for May 2020, I’ve got you covered. Venusian and utterly irresistible, the sun is not only energizing and revitalizing you this season, but also blessing you with an opportunity to do what you do best: indulge in the pleasures of life. Read on to know more about how you’re making moves, where your power lies and what you can look forward to this season, sweet Taurus.

Governed by sensually-driven Venus—the planet of abundance, love, pleasure and values—it’s no wonder your birthday season takes place in the peak of spring. Everything from your stability-seeking zodiac archetype to the seasonal blooms is here to bring you closer to your five senses. However, with Venus traveling through curious Gemini and activating your second house of comfort, money-making abilities and unique possessions, there is a magnifying glass hovering over your finances and overall value system. Venus wants to relax, but Gemini is all about the facts, so pay attention to the financial conversations taking place during this time. Venus in Gemini loves variety, so have fun experimenting with your sensual delights.

Venus is already in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, as it will officially station retrograde on May 13th. Aside from counting your blessings and basking in the beauty all around you, this retrograde cycle wants to teach you how to communicate your desires, whether they be financial or romantic. Venus retrograde helps you to look inward and reflect on your values. Have you been acknowledging your self-worth, Taurus? Partnerships are also governed by your darling planetary ruler, so assessing how you communicate within your one-on-one relationships will be a prominent theme during Venus retrograde—especially if a joint investment or potential business venture is involved.

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There will be a revolutionary new moon in your sign on April 22nd. New moons bring new beginnings; when the moon renews itself, you are bestowed with a clean slate from the heavens. We love to see it! This is an opportunity for you to start again, and potentially manifest something in the upcoming lunar cycle. The sun, moon, and Uranus will join forces in your sign for this lunation, bringing forth electric insight while inspiring your colorful individuality. If I were you, I would take full advantage of this radical rebirth, Taurus. It’s not every day you have the sun, moon, and Uranus on your side, you know?

Of course, there’s a teeny-tiny catch. Saturn will be at odds with the new moon, so you will likely be challenged to reconsider your professional aspirations, or perhaps your relationship with an authority figure. On April 25th, Pluto (power and transformation) will station retrograde, followed by Saturn (limits and structure) on May 11th and Jupiter (faith and expansion) on May 14th. A triple retrograde, folks! Retrograde cycles call for reflecting and revisiting, so pay close attention to the events taking place. One thing’s for sure: Everything from your career to your personal philosophy is about to experience a total metamorphosis.

Cathartic and incredibly transformative, a full moon will adorn the night sky in the smoldering sign of Scorpio on May 7th. Scorpio wants to get to the root of things, as its fixed waters transform, release and detoxify. This Pluto-ruled lunation will bring closure and clarity to your relationship sector and committed partnerships. For more context, think back to the new moon in Scorpio in October 2019. How have your relationship dynamics evolved since?

It’s your turn to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, Taurus—but don’t forget to celebrate your birthday, too! Read on for a few little gifts to treat yourself to, so you can show your zodiac pride all Taurus season long.


1. This Self-Care Guidebook

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Adams Media.

If you buy yourself one gift this birthday, Taurus, let it be this book. The Little Book Of Self-Cafe For Taurus is full of great ways to relax and reset.


2. A Sweet Gold Necklace

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Treat yourself to a little something special, Taurus! This beautiful necklace costs less than $10.

3. This Taurus Candle

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Sweet Dahlia.

I know I’m not the only one who can’t say no to a good candle, so it’s safe to say this Taurus gem is a must-have. Plus, you can personalize it with whatever scent you like!

4. A Natural Magic Guidebook

STYLECASTER | Taurus Horoscope May 2020

Adams Media.

Who says you can’t make magic from home? As an earth sign, The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, & More has your name written all over it.

5. This Taurus Mug

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You can always use another mug, right, Taurus? This gold-handled version is especially chic.


6. Beautiful Wall Art

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The Six Girls.

Be loud and proud about your sign! A lil’ zodiac home decor lets all who enter know you’re a strong, loyal Taurus.

7. A Taurus Notebook

STYLECASTER | Taurus Horoscope May 2020

Nifty Notebooks.

Need to keep track of all your thoughts and plans this Taurus szn? This beautiful notebook should help.


8. Pretty Zodiac Soap

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Pre De Provence.

Take some time to pamper yourself, Taurus! This gorg soap is a reminder to sit back and relax every now and then. A spa night in will do you wonders, trust me.

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