Taurus, Your July Horoscope Says You’re Taking Risks & Hedging Your Bets

Taurus, Your July Horoscope Says You’re Taking Risks & Hedging Your Bets
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You’re rethinking the way you see money and self-development this month, Taurus! According to your Taurus July 2022 horoscope, you’re using the innate artistic energy that exists within you, work on cultivating a brighter tomorrow and utopia within yourself. The only thing you have to do is let go of the past!

Although you want to move forward and propel yourself in a different direction, it is hard for you to change paths easily due to your fixed and stubborn nature. When Mars enters Taurus on July 5, it will give you the momentum to try new things and to use them as a catalyst for growth. By the time the full moon in Capricorn takes place on July 13, you may be seeing the big picture more clearly and gaining a stronger understanding of where you’re headed next. Lift the sails and satisfy your urge to explore! Take a risk, because that’s the only way you’ll ever grow.

By July 22, both the sun and Mercury will be moving through Leo, bringing you the fire of so much motivating energy. This is a great time to think about the different options you have in your career! Spend time looking at how much you need to evolve as a business person in order to keep up the momentum in your field. 

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Never wanting to back down from a challenge, you will be inspired to find out different methods and learn ways in which you can transform your company to the next level. By the new moon in Leo takes place on June 28, you’ll be in a beautiful position to start your journey toward an achievement you’ve been dreaming of. Time to put your money with your mouth is! With a bit more effort, you’ll know all the tricks of the trade and be aware of the ways in which you can attain consistent monetary growth. 

By July 31, an alignment between Uranus and the North Node of Destiny will take place in Taurus, which could set a major change in motion. Don’t be afraid of what comes next, because you’ve got luck on your side! on July 31 is a  Although you are weary of playing the stock market, a few calculated risks with minimal loss could prove you wrong and push you to hedge your bets with caution (as well as opinions of trusted financial advisors).

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