Taurus, Your July Horoscope Predicts A Sultry & Sexy Summer

Roya Backlund
Taurus, Your July Horoscope Predicts A Sultry & Sexy Summer
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You may feel somewhat off-kilter as your Taurus July 2021 horoscope begins, especially when it comes to your professional concerns. After all, on July 6, Venus—your ruling planet—will oppose Saturn, which may make it harder to balance your personal life with your career. Don’t let external pressure from others put you in a difficult spot, Taurus!

Luckily, on July 9, the new moon will rush through your third house of communication, encouraging you to harness the power of your voice. Now’s the time to speak your mind and be clear about your thoughts, ideas and boundaries. If you’re normally shy and controlled, it may be time to being loud and outspoken. If you’re usually the first one to talk, it could be time to learn how to listen.

That said, you may be communicating some important news by July 12, when Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter. In fact, you may even find the courage to lead others through public speaking and leading your community into the future. You’re tapping into your abilities as an extrovert and an innovator! And as the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15, you may discover your talent as a healer, because your kindness and empathy are the kind of strings that can tie everyone together.

As Venus enters your romantic fifth house on July 21, you’re approaching a sultry and sexy summer! Your love life is about to get so much more exciting and you may even find yourself falling head over heels for someone new. If you’re already in a relationship, this could be the spark that reignites your feelings for one other and puts your long-term commitment back in the puppy love stage.

However, your focus may drift toward more domestic matters once the sun enters your cozy fourth house of home and hearth on July 22. Staying in and redesigning your living space, making a mess in the kitchen and spending time with your family will feel like high-priority activities. But as a full moon cranks things up in your ambitious 10th house on July 23, you may find that even while you’re laying low, you’re still cooking up some pretty big plans!

In fact, as Jupiter retrogrades back into your career sector on July 28, you may be on the verge of a major breakthrough in the professional arena. Prepare to be set up for a successful August, Taurus!

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