Taurus—Your December Horoscope Wants You to Stand Up For Yourself, Even if That Scares You

Roya Backlund
Taurus—Your December Horoscope Wants You to Stand Up For Yourself, Even if That Scares You
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Your Taurus horoscope for December 2022 starts off on a passionate, but intense note. Sagittarius season is underway, bringing the sun to your eighth house of death and rebirth. And although this may coincide with the shedding of skin and the letting go of outdated attachments, it’s also healing you in ways you never knew you needed.

However, Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars retrograde in Gemini in your second house of pride and ownership on December 1, which may shine a light on ways you’ve been cheated out of what you deserve. If someone is taking more than you’ve offered and demanding more than you should have to give, it’s time to set boundaries and reassess your priorities. Once the full moon in Gemini takes place on December 7, you may find yourself fighting for your values, setting lofty financial goals and feeling inspired to built a beautiful life for yourself. Don’t let anyone selflishly pressure you into setting aside your wants and needs.

You may feel a deep and intrinsic shift unfold as Jupiter—planet of growth and expansion—enters your 12th house of intuition on December 20. This may drive you to withdraw from the outer world and look inward for guidance. Your psychic abilities and spiritual insights will only strengthen as time goes on.

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Capricorn season begins on December 21, activating your ninth house of adventure and philosophy. This will brighten and enhance the energy, taking your mood from dark and introspective to something more positive and enthusiastic. As the sun immediately forms a trine with Jupiter in Aries, you can expect to mark the transition into winter with a major revelation. Prepare to be inundated with unexpected bursts of revelatory insight and intense moments of healing and closure.

A new moon in Capricorn on December 23 represents a beautiful new beginning, marking the beginning of a journey through your educational and experiential ninth house. Have you been dreaming of going back to school or learning a new language? Have you been lusting after a vacation? Go for it!

However, let’s not forget that Mercury retrograde also begins on December 29, stationing retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn. Don’t expect your journey to be a straight-shoot, but a meandering mess! Embrace unexpected delays and diversions, because getting lost often helps us find our way back to ourselves.

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