Taurus, Your December Horoscope Is Urging You To Break The Rules

Roya Backlund
Taurus, Your December Horoscope Is Urging You To Break The Rules
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You’re sorting through bills this month, Taurus. And your Taurus December 2021 horoscope is proof that bills aren’t just a financial thing—they can be emotional too. When the solar eclipse sets fire to your eighth house of death and rebirth on December 4, you may be forced to settle debts, tie off loose ends and embrace the process of transformation. After all, endings only pave the way for new beginnings!

Once Mars revs the engine in your power-hungry eighth house as of December 13, you may feel a deep desire to do away with whatever feels half-baked or fake. You want true connection; you’re not feeling shallow this month! You’re ready to dive deeper than where most fish are willing to swim! And as the full moon rises in your second house of self-esteem on December 18, it will remind you to set boundaries that protect your interests, especially from people who may be taking advantage of your kindness.

But once Venus stations retrograde on December 19, you’ll feel like your options are somewhat limited. As this retrograde spins through your expansive ninth house, it might leave you feeling like everything you want to do and everyone you want to see is just out of reach. However, as the sun moves into your adventurous ninth house on December 21, it will encourage you to get creative. Even if you would rather be somewhere else, there’s a good chance that there’s plenty to explore right where you are!

By December 24, you could be breaking away from some of the barriers that have been holding you back from the freedom you desire. As Saturn squares off with Uranus, it might inspire you to rebel against the established rules. Just because things have always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t pioneer a revolutionary method!

By December 28, you may find that you’re attracting new cliques, contacts and comrades. As Jupiter enters your social 11th house, you will enter an era that expands your circle and aids you in the discovery of the community you’ve been searching for. You’re about to spend 2022 meeting so many new people. Good for you, T!

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