Taurus, Your August Horoscope Proves Your Crush Isn’t What It Seems

Roya Backlund
Taurus, Your August Horoscope Proves Your Crush Isn’t What It Seems
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This is a major month for you, so brace yourself! Your Taurus August 2021 horoscope begins with so much change—and things really hit the fan by August 8. This is when the New Moon in Leo will catapult your deeply personal fourth house into the future, encouraging you to create the home that you’ve always imagined for yourself. Don’t sacrifice your most heartfelt needs for the demands of your career and family. You have every right to call the shots!

You may start feeling all wrapped up in the beauty of romance by August 9. As Venus opposes Neptune, a crush may begin developing on someone who’s lassoed your heart. However, don’t let your idea of someone supersede the facts. Concentrate not on the promises this person makes, but on the actual evidence of their actions. By the time Venus enters your practical sixth house on August 16, the spell may come undone, making it easier to see whether a relationship supports your wellbeing.

You may feel an uninhibited desire to have fun and be creative by August 18, when Mercury and Mars join forces in your artistic fifth house. This energy is perfect for doing something that helps you tap into your need for color, music and poetry.

However, if you’re feeling indulgent, there’s always a chance you’ll overdo it. Be careful, Taurus! After all, you may be getting the ball rolling in your career by August 19 when the sun opposes Jupiter, encouraging you to reach for the stars. Remember—it’s better to try your best and fail than to never try at all!

In fact, an important revelation about your goals and ambitions may be revealed to you by August 22. This is when a full moon will strike a flint in your professional 10th house, which will cause you to rethink where your career is going and what direction you’d like it to take. 

Embrace your inner boss, because once Virgo season begins on August 22, the urge to party will be impossible to resist! The sun will enter your fifth house of fun and pleasure, encouraging you to live out the remainder of your summer to the fullest.

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