Taurus, Your August Monthly Horoscope Says You’re All Up In Your Feels

Roya Backlund
Taurus, Your August Monthly Horoscope Says You’re All Up In Your Feels
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According to your Taurus August 2020 horoscope, Leo season will have you all up in your feelings, Taurus! The sun is spending some time cozying up in your fourth house of home and family, making you feel like lying low and tending to personal matters. Don’t feel bad for not going to that party, especially when messenger Mercury joins the sun in your fourth house on August 4. Your real friends will understand if you don’t feel up for socializing!

You’re more in the mood for intimate, one-on-one conversations where you can be honest about your feelings, and even though the month might start off with you emotionally in need of nurturing, getting some quality time will be truly cathartic.

Besides, all this time spent at home will give you a moment to reconsider your career prospects, especially when the full moon in Aquarius lights up your 10th house of reputation on August 3. People are really starting to notice all the great work you’ve been doing, babe! You’ll probably feel motivated to put yourself out there and compete, even if it means risking failure. Remember: you can’t win if you don’t play the game.

Prepare for a boost of intellectual energy when Venus—planet of flirtations and salutations—enters your third house of communication. Time to fill that noggin with tons of information, because you’re feeling absolutely famished for knowledge! A meeting of the minds may take place, so if you meet someone who’s your intellectual equal during this time, trust that the relationship is special. Don’t second-guess it!

You’re rebuilding your familial bonds and cleaning up your home environment when the new moon in Leo takes place on August 18. Could this mean moving into a new place? How about welcoming a new member into the family? Whatever it is, your heart is definitely feeling full! Spend time caring for others and allowing yourself to be cared for in return, Taurus.

By the time Virgo season begins on August 22, you’ll feel ready to leave the house and explore the world (finally!). Virgo season lights up your exciting and exhilarating fifth house of fun and pleasure, making you feel like singing, dancing, painting, crafting and falling in love. Prepare to feel butterflies in your stomach, Taurus!

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